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Holiday TreatsHalloween has passed and it seems as though we have officially entered into the holiday season. Starting with the Halloween candy and ending with the New Year’s festivities, you’ll be bombarded with sweets and snacks at almost every turn! While it’s okay to indulge in your favorite sweet treats and drinks during this time of year, Anderson dentists have this advice for avoiding unwanted holiday cavities:

Enjoy holiday sweets in moderation. A sweet treat or yummy holiday drink is okay as long as you don’t overdo it. Try not to hold on to leftover sweets after you’ve enjoyed your fair share. Instead, give them away or share them with a few friends.

Set a time for sweet treats. Rather than depriving yourself altogether, simply set a time frame for having a favorite treat. Setting a cutoff time is also helpful. For example, plan to have a treat only after lunch or dinner. Studies show that you are better able to neutralize plaque acids after a meal due to a temporary increase in saliva production. Along those lines, we also know that sweets between meals and before bedtime are more harmful to your teeth (and your waistline).

Fight the good with the bad. Make a commitment to balance out the junk food with some healthy choices. Have a glass of water after that mocha-latte. Try a cheese stick after that chocolate bar. Eat an apple after every candy cane. In this way, you can enjoy your holiday favorites without feeling guilty about harming your teeth.

Don’t slack off. Plaque bacteria are working around the clock, producing the acids that can rot your teeth. Don’t give them a chance to go crazy during the holiday season. Remember to brush and floss daily, even on the weekends. Rinse with water if you are unable to brush after a snack. And be mindful of the sweets that stick to your teeth, as these are more likely to cause cavities.

To protect your dental health during the holiday season, start by picking out one last piece of that Halloween candy and then getting rid of the rest. Then, contact a dentist in Anderson for an appointment today.