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Dental Care ChecklistFinding a dentist in the Anderson area who can care for your family is only the first step towards protecting the longevity of your smiles. It’s also important that you establish a pretty solid dental care routine, and you shouldn’t leave anything out. To make sure that you haven’t overlooked an important detail, take a look at the following dental care checklist:

  • Don’t slack on your dental visits- Even though you’re busy juggling your work, life, and home responsibilities, remember to make time for a dental visit at least once every six months. You might be tempted to postpone a routine checkup, but don’t let yourself slide. When you make time for routine dental visits you can avoid unnecessary dental visits in the future.
  • Brush and floss every day- Taking care of the plaque, even when you are tired is a habit that just can’t be emphasized enough. If you’ve been taking good care of your smile your whole life, don’t sacrifice it all by letting it slide — even for a day. The longer plaque is allowed to mature on your teeth, the more harmful it becomes.
  • Choose well-balanced meals- Fast food, soda and sugary snacks can begin to become part of your daily diet when you are juggling work, kids, and personal issues. However, sugar promotes tooth decay and overly processed foods contribute to plaque buildup. Work with your family to establish the habit of adding vegetables to your meals and eating smart snacks such as fruit, nuts and crunchy fresh vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly- Studies indicate that people who regularly maintain healthy lifestyles to include exercise and healthy eating are 40% less likely to develop advanced forms of gum disease.

Keep your whole family on a healthy track by consulting a family dentist in Anderson SC today.