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How to Fight Teeth Whitening SensitivityIt’s often said that your smile is your best accessory. Luckily, a sparkling, white smile is more within your reach than ever before thanks to at-home treatments and professional whitening tools. The results are undeniable! Unfortunately, some people experience painful sensitivity as a result of whitening, but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the benefits of a whiter smile. Here are some ways to combat the sensitivity that can accompany a teeth whitening regimen.

1. Less Time: Try wearing your whitening tray for a shorter period of time than you were before. Even a short wear can still provide results.
2. New Toothpaste: Add a sensitive toothpaste into your brushing routine. They contain ingredients like potassium nitrate to lessen heat or cold sensitivity that comes as a result of whitening.
3. Fluoride Treatment: Rinse with fluoride in the days following a whitening treatment or ask our staff for a fluoride product you can wear in your trays.
4. Take a Break: If none of these improve your whitening pain, try taking a break from your treatment for a few days or a week to allow your teeth to rest in between sessions.

Many patients find that over-the-counter whitening products aren’t strong enough to get the results they want from their whitening regimen. If you’re looking for a professional whitening treatment in Anderson, SC, call our offices and schedule a consultation at (864) 226-6574.